A school-level island-wide
Science, Technology, Engineering & Management Competition


• Organized by the Faculty of Management and Finance, SAITM
• Type of competition - Group competition

• Are you good as a student leader with a dedicated group of friends?
• Are you good in subjects either from Commerce or Art streams and have decent command in creative writing?
Then, this is an opportunity for you to team up with your friends (you need to have at most five students in your team) and draft and submit to BPro-2016 of SAITM Campus a viable Business Proposition and win for yourselves and for your school the coveted certificates and handsome prizes.

• Senior category from (grade 12 to 13 school pupils)


• Present a Business Project of your choice
• Introduce the Profile of the Proposed Business as chosen (i.e. vision, mission, goals/objectives)
• Identify the Target Market
• Perform SWOT analysis
• Perform Competitor Analyses (competitors of the proposed business)
• Introduce a Budget Proposal
• Introduce the analyses of strategic orientation (cost leadership, quality, advertising, innovation)

Note: • Students can participate in their group capacity (maximum five individuals per group)
• Report must be typed – maximum word count 2,000 (presentation may include, where appropriate and necessary) diagrams and charts
• Plagiarism will result in disqualification
• Report must be written in English language


• Motivate students in scientific inquiry in subjects appropriate from Management Science points of view
• Motivate school pupils in higher education in Management Sciences and related subjects
• Help students develop liaisons between their own schools and other schools in the country


• Business Proposal must be submitted with duly filled Submission Form for the competition (attested by the school principal or the class teacher)
• Business Proposal must be submitted prior to date 31-10-2016
• Those whose essays are being selected will be called for presentation
• Business Proposal and the presentation of the essays will be evaluated and judged by a competent jury
• Presentation will last 15 minutes (added by five minutes for questions and answers)
• As they wish, the presenters may use PowerPoint or the White Board as help in their presentations
• All the participants will receive a SAITM Certificate and the winners will get handsome prizes


• Your full name
• Telephone Number
• Email Address
• Postal Address
• Name of your school
• Name of the contact person (headmaster or the class teacher)
• His/her email address


South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine
Faculty of Management and Finance
P.O. Box 11, Millennium Drive
Off Chandrika Kumaratuhnga Mawatha, 10115 Malabe