A school-level island-wide
Science, Technology, Engineering & Management Competition


• Organized by Faculty of ICT & Media, SAITM
• Type of competition - Individual competition
* This is a great opportunity for young and creative Digi Artists to blossom-up and promote you and your school.
  If you are a born creative artist who can draw using a drawing software on a Digital Device (E.g. computer/Tab/Mobile, etc)

1) School Junior category (Grade 6 to Grade 9 or Below O/L)
2) School Senior category (Grade 10 to Grade 13 or above O/L and Students who have sat for the A/L in 2015)


• All schooling students from grade 6 toA/L(or similar level) can apply.
• All work must be done using a computer and a Digital Art or Computer Graphics package. All work must be saved in the program in which it was done (native format).
• Art that has not been done on a computer will not be accepted.
• Only one exhibit will be accepted from each student.
• All exhibits have to be handed over in a ready-to-exhibit manner.
• All exhibits have to be entered into one of 2 entry levels: School Junior (Grade 6 to Grade 9 or Below O/L), and School Senior (Grade 10 to Grade 13 or above O/L and Students who have sat for the A/L in 2015).
• All exhibits have to be printed on A3 or A4 size paper. The backing or mounting of the printed exhibit can be any colour paper; the spacing round should be 3cm. Please make sure that the exhibit is not covered on any side by pieces of paper pasted over it.
• All exhibits must include:
    - The full name of the student;
    - The name of the Digital Art work;
    - The name of the School;
    - The School branch(if applicable only);
    - The entry level (E.g: School Junior or School Senior);
    * These details must be neatly and clearly typed on a 4cm x 5cm white piece of paper and attached onto the FRONT bottom right hand corner of the border of the completed entry.
• Each exhibit (Vector or Raster) has to be stored on a CD and must be handed in with the printed art work. No diskettes, pen drives will be accepted.
• This CD must contain both the source file and high quality (300dpi, RGB) JPEG version of the art work.
• Exhibits without accompanying a CD including the Source file and JPEG version will not be accepted.
• Submitted CD will not be returned.
• The exhibit must have a name. The exhibit file must be saved in the CD using the name of the exhibit as the file name (for example if you named your exhibit "My school", you must save the file of the exhibit giving the name “my-school”) (The exhibit file name saved under any other name different from your exhibit name will not be accepted). Make sure the proper file extension is included with the filename. All fonts used MUST be copied to the CD or converted to outlines.
• The full name of the student, the name of the exhibit, the name of the school, the branch and the entry level must be clearly printed on the outside label of the CD disc and must also be saved as a Microsoft Word document named ‘details’ within it (Files saved under any other name will not be accepted).
• A detailed description of the following must be saved as a Microsoft Word document named ‘description’ within the submitted CD (Files saved under any other name will not be accepted).
    - Full name, NIC number (if available), phone, home address & email     - How the Digital Art work was created     - The software package and version used     - The computer used (Mac/PC/Linux)     - What inspired the student to create the exhibit     * (All 5 points above must be included. otherwise exhibit will be disqualified.) • No other information (other than that asked for) should be stored within the CD. Unmarked, unreadable, wrongly named files will be disqualified. Extra files will be disregarded.
• All Digital Art work handed in MUST BE ORIGINAL DIGITAL ART WORK created solely by the student. Any exhibit that is found not to be an original work of the student will be disqualified.
• The work must not include images of actual persons and companies or actual company logos or trademarks unless, written permission from the owners have been obtained for the use of these images. Work cannot be used to advertise specific companies or persons and no website information, addresses or phone numbers of persons or companies should be included in any work.
• There is no limit on entries of exhibits per Institution;however, only one exhibit per participant will be accepted.


• The “SAITM STEM ‘16 – Participant Registration Form” available at stem.saitm.edu.lk must be completed online, on or before 31st October 2016.


• All completed exhibits should be handed over in person, on or before the 07th January, 2017. No late entries will be accepted.
• There will be a workshop to students submitting their art work on this date, from 10am to 11am at SAITM. Participation is mandatory and a participation certificate will be given.


• The entries for display will be judged on technical aspects, creativeness, artistic attributes and originality of the work, judged by a panel of judges consisting of SAITM staff and industry experts.
• The award ceremony will be held at SAITM on 11th February, 2017.
Selected winners (20) will be notified to schools prior to 31st January 2017 and, they will have to face a live Digi Art competition on 11th February 2017. According to the results of this live competition, for each category, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners and 7 consolation prize winners will be announced during the award ceremony. All 20 selected winners will be given a special certificate for their final round selection.
• All the submitted drawings will be exhibited at SAITM on 11th February 2017.


Prizes for the most outstanding entry from each level (Junior and Senior) and other prizes and certificates for exceptional exhibits will be awarded as below:

• All valid participants will receive a certificate of participation (Both Junior and Senior Categories)
• 1st, 2nd & 3rd prize winners are eligible for a full scholarship in “SAITM Diploma in Interactive Media”, worth Rs.40,000/= (Senior Category only)