A school-level island-wide
Science, Technology, Engineering & Management Competition


• Organized by Faculty of Engineering, SAITM
• Type of competition - group competition
MathRelay competition is held for the second time by the SAITM Faculty of Engineering for all the “Mathaholic young school minds” in the country.
The event was very successful in the previous year and hence it is one of the main events in the SAITM STEM’16 competition which will be held on Saturday 11th February 2017. The primary objective of this competition is to build up school level students’ interest and awareness on Mathematical subjects by bringing them into an open arena where, they can compete with each other and assess the limits of their mathematical skills, and analytical and logical thinking abilities.

The competition will be held under following two main categories:
    • Junior category (for grade 10 & 11 students) and
    • Senior category (for grade 12 & 13 students)*
    *those who are sitting for the local A/L examination in Aug. 2016 for the first time, can also participate for the competition under senior category with a letter from the school/institute signed by the Principal ratifying the studentship of the participant.
A school can nominate maximum up to two teams per category. For each team, it is compulsory to have 4 members. State and non-state sector schools having students in A/L Science (Biology, Mathematics and Technology) stream only can nominate teams for the senor category.


The competition will be held on two days. There will be preliminary selection rounds for all participants. The initial screening will be based on the two preliminary Selection Rounds (SR-1 and SR-2). Those who get filtered through the preliminary selection round 1 (SR-1), will have to face preliminary selection round 2 (SR-2) on the same day evening.
For the competition it is expected that all the student competitors for both junior and senior categories are familiar with basic and fundamental mathematical concepts taught in government GCE O/L and GCE A/L syllabi, respectively.

The preliminary Selection Round 1 (SR-1)
There will be two different tasks (SR-1A and SR-1B) under this category. These tasks, SR-1A & SR-1B are mainly designed to evaluate students’ abilities in recalling, recognizing specific facts, procedural patterns, number sequences and concepts that serve in the development of intellectual abilities and skills.
The task SR-1A will evaluate the individual competencies of team members. This will be a 45 minutes, paper based Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) type selection exam. From the individual marks of the team members, an average mark will be calculated and assigned for the team to be carry forward to task SR-1B.
The task SR-1B will evaluate the team working abilities of the individual student groups. In order to evaluate the team performances, a certain task which has to be completed within 30 minutes will be given to all the teams. This is a team work. For each team, the completion time will also be recorded.
After the successful completion of both selection rounds, based on the total marks from SR-1A and SR-1B, a list of teams who will be selected for the SR-2 will be announced and displayed in all notice boards in the competition floors on that day. All the teams must wait until this notification to see their eligibility for the evening SR-2.

The preliminary Selection Round 2 (SR-2)
This selection round is designed to evaluate the students ability in applying mathematical concepts and analyzing them. A high level understanding of mathematical fundamentals and concepts will be needed for this round.
This will be purely based on a team work. A certain task will be given to complete within 30 minutes time period. For each team, completion time is also recorded for the final evaluation from preliminary selection rounds to the final rounds. A mark will be assigned to the team at the completion of this selection round.
Based on the marks from SR-1A & SR1-B and SR-2, top six teams will be selected for the final round (FR). Those who selected from the preliminary selection rounds only can participate for the final selection round.

The final round (FR)
This will be the most competitive and challenging task in the whole event. Being selected for the final rounds alone will be regarded as a great achievement. Teams will have to push their minds to the extreme limits in making critical decisions, critical thinking and judgments based on logical reasoning in this brainstorming session.
This will be a group work where the students will have to answer multiple choice type questions displayed on the main screen. The team that gives the correct answer first will get 20 marks, while those who give correct answer within the allocated time will get 10 marks. Teams that fail to give a correct answer will get -5 marks.